Monday, 20 December, 2010

Googong’s innovative Integrated Water Cycle (IWC) project has concluded its public exhibition period and is now on its way to the NSW Department of Planning for further evaluation and refinement in conjunction with CIC Australia. A determination is expected from the Department in the second quarter of 2011.

The project, which will deliver water and wastewater services to Googong, will reduce potable water consumption by about 62 per cent and see well over half the township’s wastewater recycled.

Googong Project Director Mark Attiwill says Googong is being designed around the IWC, which will provide the necessary infrastructure to recycle wastewater and supply homes right throughout the township with both potable and non-potable water.

“It will ensure that when Googong reaches its total population of about 16,000 residents, the township will use the same amount of water as would sustain only 6,500 people in a traditional development,” he says.

Recycled water will be used to irrigate sporting fields, recreation areas and streetscapes. The recycled water will also be reticulated to households, and be available for non-potable uses such as garden watering and toilet flushing. The recycled water system will be supplemented by rainwater collected at households, and by potable water during dry periods.

In addition to significant water savings, the IWC project will also contribute to the township’s social sustainability by ensuring recreation and landscaped areas become valued green spaces for people to meet and play. The project will also create about 300 jobs during its construction phase.

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