Your guide to choosing a block of land
Over time, your land investment will return much more than your home, making it crucial that you choose the best block. Consider the following three factors when choosing your perfect block of land:

1. Location

As one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make, it’s important to find the right location for your home. Budget, transport links, accessibility to schools, recreation and other facilities should all be considered when looking for the ideal community to call home.
Wellard Train Station

2. Lifestyle

You’re investing in the entire neighbourhood, so matching your lifestyle with the location is very important. Focus on what lifestyle you and your family like to live, such as going on walks, playing in the park with your kids, great coffee at a local café – consider everything that would make a location your perfect place to live.
Family at Lakelands park


3. Block and shape

This will determine which ‘off the plan’ home designs you can choose from. The size of the block will influence the cost, maintenance required and footprint of your home.
  • Flute or Terrace: 140sqm to 225sqm, with frontages of less than 8.5m (rear-loaded).
  • Cottage or courtyard: 225sqm to 450sqm, typically with frontages of 8.5m to 12m (rear-loaded).
  • Traditional: over 450sqm, typically with frontages of 13m or more (front-loaded).
  • Homestead or acreage: 1000sqm or more.
Sold lot in Yanchep Golf Estate



How much should I budget for site works?

It all depends on what lies beneath your block, how much it slopes and where you are building. Some sites are rocky, sandy or contain heavy clays. Site works include all the work it takes to prepare a site for building and it can be difficult to estimate the exact price. Builders will be able to advise you of an approximate cost based on previous work in the area so make sure you allow for the maximum price advised in your building budget so you don’t get caught out.

What does titled or registered land mean?

For any property to be legally sold including a new land lot, it must have a certificate of title or registration confirmation statement. This is a legal document issued by a state/territory government which details the description of the piece of land and who owns it. When you buy a property the title or registration will officially be transferred to you.

What is a rear-loaded block?

A rear-loaded block offers vehicle access or accommodation from the rear. This generally means your garage is located at the back of your house. This has the advantage of creating walkable, more intimate neighbourhoods, free of driveways with more attractive streetscapes.

What is a setback?

A setback is the distance from a boundary to a building. The setback of buildings from the street has a significant impact on the character and feel of a neighbourhood. The ideal setback for your neighbourhood will depend on the lot type and style of the estate. Large rural blocks will have bigger setbacks encouraging a sense of privacy whereas smaller, cottage style lots will have smaller setbacks to allow for the creation of friendly street frontages.

Why is the frontage important?

How wide the front of your block is will determine the style and size of the home you build. It may also impact on whether the garage is placed at the front or rear of the block. Most estates have building covenants and guidelines to protect your investment and ensure a quality street appeal throughout the entire neighbourhood. For more information, talk to your builder or architect before choosing your home design.
DISCLAIMER: This document is a guide only, buyers should make their own enquiries before making their purchase.
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