In 2022, Peet announced a three-year partnership with Black Dog Institute, an independent not-for-profit medical research institute delivering research to help treat, manage and prevent mental illness.

Research has shown that 1 in 5 of Australians will experience symptoms of mental illness in any given year but 3 in 5 of these people won’t seek help. The research and programs that Black Dog Institute delivers are vital in understanding, preventing and treating mental illness in the community.

We are pleased to be committing our support across the following initiatives:

Future Proofing Study

This is a ground-breaking study which aims to prevent depression and anxiety in young people by using smartphones to deliver preventative interventions on a large scale. Peet’s funding provides capacity to deliver follow up face-to-face sessions with participating students to help create a sense of community amongst participants and assist in understanding the development of adolescent mental health.

Community Support


Community Education

We provide support to deliver education sessions, facilitated by Black Dog Institute, in communities around the country giving participants the tools to talk openly about mental health and receive the support they need.


Workplace Education

Facilitated by Black Dog Institute, we provide ongoing education for the Peet team, with sessions focusing on building mental health literacy and reducing stigma around the issue, in addition to providing support to managers to have conversations with their team about mental health.


One Foot Forward

Every year during Mental Health Awareness month in October, Black Dog Institute hold a national walking challenge to raise funds, called One Foot Forward. We are pleased to have the Peet team to get involved in the challenge with fun prizes on offer.


Staff Fundraising

All our local fundraising activity is contributed as a group to Black Dog Institute. Team fundraising is a great way to give back and support a meaningful cause.


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