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Disclosure Plans

As Constructed Plans


Bushfire Requirements

 Parkview C1  The Summit B:Water, Stormwater  Parkview
 Parkview B2  The Summit A: WaterStormwaterLevels  The Summit (revised 20.01.16)
 Parkview B1  Savannah: Water, Contours  The Summit
 Parkview A1  The Nest: Water  Savannah
 Parkview A2    The Nest
 The Summit B The Summit A    

Compaction Reports


Setback Plans


Survey Plans

 Savannah  The Summit (draft)  The Summit A
 The Nest  Savannah  Savannah
   The Nest  


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Daisy Fluff
Melon Cat
Melon Cat

Daisy Bear

It's so fluffy!
Also, watch this video of cats.

Daisy Fluff
Melon Cat
Melon Cat

Daisy Bear!

It's so fluffy!
Also, watch this video of cats.


The interior and exterior of the building for any defects

The structure, including the foundations, walls, ceilings, for subsistence, damage, cracks, dampness

Outbuildings such as garages, carport, garden shed, detached laundry or toilet

The plumbing, including water pressure, drainage from the bath and other water outlets, leaks

Storm water run-off and surface water drainage

Any under-floor space

Wiring and electricity switches

Any gas connections

Fences, paths and driveways

Safety measures, such as operational RCD and smoke alarms

Any part of the building that overhangs an adjoining property

The roof and roof space, gutters, eaves and exposed pipes

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