Buy, sell or transfer securities

If you wish to register your interest in buying or selling securities in any entity (including entities managed by Computershare), you will need to complete a Buyers' or Sellers' Authority form and return it to Peet Limited at the below address.

Sellers' Authority Form

Buyers' Authority Form

Information Sheet on Buying & Selling Securities

Level 7, 200 St Georges Terrace Perth WA 6000

Transferring Securities

If you wish to transfer securities in any entity, you will need to complete a Transfer Form and forward it to the address above.

Please ensure you return the original Share Certificate (or a Lost or Destroyed Share/Unit Certificates Statutory Declaration Form if the original Share Certificate has been misplaced) along with the transfer form.

You will also need to provide some supporting documents, please refer to the relevant sections below. Please note that if you do not provide the correct supporting documents your transfer may be delayed or rejected.


Supporting Documents

Together with the transfer form and original share certificate, the transferor (seller) will also need to supply us with an original certified copy of identification. This new measure for sellers of securities has been implemented to provide additional security around the transfer process by ensuring that the transfer form has been validly authorised by the seller.

For any transferee (buyer) that is new to investing in a Peet Syndicate, we will also require a certified copy of their identification as an individual, or director of a company and where applicable a certified copy of a trust deed.

Refer to the table below for identification documents required to be provided by the transferor (seller) of securities in any Peet Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) or Syndicate and any transferee (buyer) that is a new investor in any Peet MIS or syndicate. A MIS is required to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) Act, please click here for further information.

Sam Sample

Original certified copy of one of the below:

  • Australian driver's licence containing a photograph of individual
  • Australian passport (a passport that has expired within the preceding two years is acceptable)
  • Card issued under a State or Territory for the purpose of providing person's age containing a photograph of the person
  • Foreign passport or similar travel document containing a photograph and the signature of the person
  • Foreign driver's licence that contains a photograph of the person in whose name the document is issued
Sam Sample & Jane Sample
  • Please provide a certified copy of identification for each registered holder (as outlined in the Individual table above).
ABC Pty Ltd
  • Original certified copy of the most recent Company Statement issued by ASIC and
  • Original certified copy of driver's licence or passport for each Officeholder who has signed the transfer form.
  • Please ensure that the Company Key on your Company Statement is masked so that it is not visible



Foreign registered companies must provide:

  • A document issued by the relevant foreign registration body outlining current Officeholders and original certified copy of current driver's licence or passport for each Officeholder or joint holder who has signed the transfer form

ABC Pty Ltd


Sam Sample & Jane Sample

  • Please provide the documents outlined above for individual or company trustees.
  • If the trust is not a registered managed investment scheme or government superannuation fund then please complete this form:Customer Identification and Verification form
  • If the Trust is a new investor in a Peet Syndicate, please provide a certified copy of the trust deed.

Transfer due to Change of Trustee

If there is a change in trustee for any trust, we require a cover letter advising of the change & a certified copy of the relevant instrument effecting the change, which should confirm the details of the retiring trustee(s) and new trustee(s). Please send the above documents along with the original share certificate and a certified copy of identification from all trustees.

Transfer due to Deceased Estate

In addition to the transfer form(s), an original certified copy of probate or the death certificate and will are required. The new identification requirements referred to above will also apply to beneficiaries that are new investors in a Peet MIS and syndicates.

Surviving Holder

If a securityholding is held in joint names and one holder passes away, the original share certificate should be returned to us together with an original certified copy of the death certificate and a certified copy of ID from the surviving holder. We will then issue a new certificate to the surviving holder. A transfer form is not required.

Please note if you are transferring securities in any of the Computershare managed entities listed above then please refer to the Computershare website or contact them direct on 1300 557 010.

Replacement Certificates

If you cannot find your original security certificate, a replacement certificate can be reissued at your request. Please complete the Lost or Destroyed Share Certificate form and return this by post.

Certify a Document

An authorised person must check and sign a copy of an original document to state that it is a valid document. The person certifying the photocopy must be authorised to do so under State/Territory law. Examples of persons, who may be able to certify a document as a true and correct copy of an original, include:

  • Legal Practitioner
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Chartered Accountant or Certified Practicing Accountant
  • Legally qualified medical practitioners
  • Members of the police force

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