Peet Glendalough

Environmental Sustainability

Paying respects to the surrounding Lakes and open wetlands, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to make a step change improvement for sustainable development in Perth. The outcome will be a community that uses less while generating energy from renewable sources and is committed to a more sustainable future.

Glendalough Townhouses

Sustainability Initiatives include:

  • Average 8-star NatHERS rating
  • North facing outdoor living areas and major openings for passive heating in winter months
  • Framed lightweight construction
  • Upgraded glass
  • Solar panels
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart metering
  • Water efficient appliances and equipment
  • Electric vehicle compatible homes
  • Work from home spaces
  • Diversion of waste from landfill through a 3-bin waste management system
  • Outdoor gathering spaces to promote community interaction
  • Waterwise landscaping including edible species, predominantly native species, with some deciduous trees to maintain sun in winter

Community Initiatives

Through a platform of activities, support, information, design, and construction, residents of Peet Glendalough will establish a strong community connection. Proposed initiatives include:

  • Resident welcome events, welcome pack, and neighbourhood guide
  • Programs to support communication, connection, and assistance to foster an engaged strata committee
  • Pergola, long table, and seating options in various areas including a breakout zone for work from home
  • Resident’s orchid and herb garden
  • Bike hub
  • Little community library
  • BBQ area with festoon lighting
  • Community spaces supported with GPOs/USB power, water and lighting
  • Water fountains with doggy drinking bowls
  • Mural artwork celebrating the history and themes of the area
  • Community notice board
  • A resident’s pathway to Glendalough Open Space with lighting, artwork, doggy drink bowl and water fountain.
  • Waterwise landscaping including edible species, predominantly native species, with some deciduous trees to maintain sun in winter

The initiatives will:

  • Build a sense of community between residents
  • Connect residents to the broader Glendalough neighbourhood
  • Strengthen the connection to the natural environment

Read about the surrounding Location and beautiful natural environment at Glendalough.

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