What is a House and Land Package? House and land Packages Explained

What is a House and Land Package?

Peet Sales Representative and House and Land Expert, Renee Monteleone, talks us through all the details involved in House and Land Packages.

Find out how they work, their benefits, who they’re perfect for, and how to make one yours.

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Can you explain what a house and land package is?

A house and land package is where a land developer like Peet bundles a block of land together with a builder’s house design and they’re sold together. There are different land choices available, and different home designs to suit the lot sizes. 

With a house and land package, you know that the house design is going to comply with the estate’s guidelines and suit the block of land you’re buying. 

Across Peet estates, we aim to offer house and land packages that include a variety of different builders. That means you’re able to find the builder that suits your style, budget and also that feels right for you. 

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How does the finance and contract side of a house and land package work?

You have two contracts – one with the land developer, and the other with the builder. The great thing is, you only have one mortgage because the finance terms for both the land and the home is included in the land contract. When you settle on the land you use the land portion of the loan, and then like a normal building loan you draw down on the build portion in stages as you need it.

The contract with the builder contains the agreed details around constructing the home, including the inclusions and costs. 

We provide customers with as much information as we can to help them, but Peet always recommends you work with a mortgage expert and a conveyancer/ settlement agent to ensure you get accurate advice. 

How do I know if a house and land package is right for me?

Peet has house and land packages to suit all types of buyers, but they are more frequently bought by first home buyers and young families because they offer such great value - especially if you’re looking for a particular type of location, community and lifestyle.  

House and Land Packages

What is included in the "home" when purchasing a house and land package?

The prices advertised are all inclusive of everything you need to move in to your home – so usually they include your basic turn-key carpets, painting, window treatments. But in most cases, there are options to upgrade which will cost you extra. The base inclusive price gives you the entry level and then you can work your way up to what your comfortable spending. 

All builders have different turn-key inclusions, so be sure to check what is included with them.

As well as offering great value, what are some of the other benefits of the House and Land Packages?

It just simplifies the whole build process. The developer and builder package it all up which makes everything much easier.

On the contract side, it’s made simpler because the finance is done together. On the build side, when a buyer looks at a design, they already know that it works perfectly for their land – that it complies with the estates design guidelines and that it maximises the potential of that specific block of land. The land developer and the builder have already done the hard work.

Once you schedule a meeting with your builder and land sales representative, they can tailor your new dream home to suit your budget and desired location. 

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What is the first thing I should do if I am interested in looking at house and land packages?

You need to understand what your budget is (including how much of a deposit you have and how much you can borrow). So then when you are looking at packages, you know exactly what options fit within your budget and the builder or land developer can show you what is available. 


Peet offer house and land packages across all our communities in WA, SA, QLD, VIC and NSW.
Explore our communities here and find the perfect package for you.  


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