6 Reasons To Visit the Cornerstone Sales and Information Centre

Choosing the right community to live in, and block of land to buy – one that feels just right for you and your family, is just as important as deciding on the type of home you want to build. And while there’s a lot of research you can do online, nothing beats getting out and about and experiencing a location first-hand.

Here are 6 reasons why we recommend visiting the Cornerstone Sales and Information Centre to find your perfect block of land to build your new home.

1. Visualise your future community

If the community you’re visiting is at the early stages of development, it can be difficult to get a feel of what the community will be like. The team at the Sales and Information Centre will be able to bring the vision of the community to life for you. They’ll talk you through the masterplan of the community, including key features and timelines.


2. Get the inside knowledge

In more established communities like Cornerstone, the team at the Cornerstone Sales and Information Centre will be able to provide you with any upcoming community events, so you can come along and meet your future neighbours. They’ll point out features and community highlights that will be of interest to you – such as the landscaped waterway, two destination playgrounds and bike paths, plus nearby schools, childcare centres, supermarkets and transport links. The sales team will have an in-depth knowledge of the community and also what's planned for the future, and be able to talk in detail about what’s important to you.


3. Gain confidence in the developer

Buying land and building a home is a big financial step. It’s important that you have confidence in the company that is developing the estate that you’re considering purchasing land in. A visit to the Cornerstone Sales and Information Centre will give you the opportunity to ask questions about the history, track record and the financial capability of the Peet to deliver the community that we're planning. Did you know Peet has been around for almost 130 years? You can find out more about Peet here and read about our history.


4. Understand the buying process

The process of buying land has a number of steps involved. The Cornerstone sales team will be able to break down the process, so you understand each step of the buying journey – from making an offer, right through to taking ownership and settling. The sales team will also talk to you about your budget and make you aware of any government assistance you may be eligible for. You may be surprised what’s on offer, especially if you’re a first home buyer!


5. Find the perfect block of land for you

Block sizes and shapes can vary greatly. The Cornerstone sales team will be able to outline exactly what’s on offer within your budget. They’ll talk to you about what type of home you’re looking to build, and what blocks will suit best. They will also outline other factors to consider when selecting a block of land such as orientation, incline, and easements.


6. Get a handle on the building stages

Remember to also talk to the Cornerstone sales team about the different stages of building, starting with any advice they may have around how to choose the right builder. They can also talk to you about any covenants or building design considerations you need to be aware of, and whether you need to start building within a certain time frame. The Cornerstone sales team will also let you know about the bonus front garden landscaping package, which can make a real difference to your wallet and the street appeal of your new home!


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