Settle & Build – Stages of building explained
Waiting for your new home to be built is an extremely exciting time – seeing all of your hard work and planning coming to life. However if this is your first home, it’s difficult to know what to expect during the building process and all the jargon can sometimes be overwhelming.
Although most builders should supply you with a construction schedule for your build, we’ve decided to break down the building process into 8 stages for you, so you’ll know exactly what to expect and can start planning accordingly.

1. Site works

This is the preparation that takes place on site before your concrete slab can go down, this stage may include; clearing, building of retaining walls and set up of site.

2. Slab down

This stage sees the slab being poured - the slab should be left for approximately two weeks to ensure setting and strengthening.

3. Frame up

Stage 3 of the construction sees the framing begin – bricks, timber or steel are delivered on site and then constructed to include the framing out of windows and doors. Materials will vary depending on your locations and choice of builder.

4. Plate high

Plate high is reached when all of the walls have been built, meaning you are very close to having a roof!

5. Roofing

The first part of this stage involves the construction and installation of a frame. Next sees downpipes and gutters installed and yes, finally the roof can be completed with your choice of colourbond or roofing tiles.

6. Lock up

Lock up means the shell of your dream home is complete! All of the doors and windows will be installed so your brand new home can be “locked up”. Now the inside of your home can really start to take shape too. Cabinets and bench tops are built and installed, electrical fittings are installed, floor coverings are laid, bathrooms are installed and painting is completed.

7. Practical completion

Practical completion means that you’re almost ready for handover – all electrical and gas services should now be connected. Your building supervisor will take you through your home for an inspection and many will provide you with a checklist. Take your time to check everything thoroughly; look out for defects and be sure to note down any items you feel require attention.

8. Handover

You’re in! This sees you take possession of the keys to your brand new home, enjoy!

Documenting your build on social media is a fantastic way to keep track of your building progress and connect with others who are building in your community. Use the hashtag #peetlife so we can check in on how your new home is progressing!

*Note: there are some variances in stages of the building processes from state to state – the above information has been provided as a general overview of the building process.
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