Real-life residents share why they moved in
Moving into a new home should be about creating a life you can live your way. We asked a few of our locals to give us their insights into why they chose their Peet community as their place of residence – and what they love most now that they’re living life their way.

For the outdoor enthusiast

If you’re a fan of having a little bit of the great outdoors accessible from your doorstep, then setting down roots in a community surrounded by great parks and outdoor recreation areas is ideal. That’s one of the things that Shannon and Luis and their two kids love about their new lifestyle.

“Being able to walk to the parks is a big bonus,” shares Shannon. “Being able to have that access to go to a different park every day is very exciting when you’re three and five!”

The Village at Wellard resident, Matthew, also agrees sharing that, “We use the parks quite a lot – down at the Wellard Oval for football, we play down there every week.” He and the kids are often out and about exploring the adventure parks, or riding their bikes. “Especially at this park, we’ve got the little bike track which is a big attraction for the kids!”

Get moving on local football fields, take a lovely stroll through any of our grassy reserves, and or keep the kids entertained for half an hour at the playground – however you like to get out and about, moving into your new community means getting access to welcoming and flexible outdoor spaces.
Adventure park Wellard

Image: Stage 39 Adventure Park in The Village at Wellard


For the food lover

Have you ever started preparing an amazing dinner only to find half way through that you’re missing a key ingredient? Moving into a community where the shopsare only steps away has made life much easier for Shannon and Luis, who love having the supermarkets so close.

“Sometimes, if we need a meal prepared, I’ll just get on my bike and go to the shops – so that’s pretty good!” says Luis.

Of course, the alternative to heading to the supermarket is simply grabbing some takeout from your local – something that Matthew loves making the most of! “We’ve got some great food outlets,” he smiles. “They’re all fantastic; we eat there often.”
Lakelands coles

Image: Lakelands Shopping Centre


For the wanderer

Moving into your new home should work for you no matter what your lifestyle is, so having easy access to transport is an important factor for a lot of our residents.

Imagine getting to leave the car in the garage and popping on a bus or train to get wherever you need to go – since moving in, Luis is already finding that a huge benefit of the community.

“Having the train station just around the corner is a big bonus,” Luis points out. “Whenever we have to go to the city, we just jump on the train – on the weekends for an adventure with the kids we can just get on the train and go and check out the city.”
Man at Tarneit Station

Image: Tarneit Station


For you

Any community you move into should be ready to fit around you and your lifestyle, whatever that might look like. It comes down to how accessible everything is, from local parks to public transport – that’s why our communities are designed to make sure that the world is at your fingertips. 

Luis explains, “When you build a house here, it’s not that you just get the house – you get all the elements around the house.” Don’t expect to just move into a new building when you move into a Peet community – expect to move into a lifestyle that’s created just for you.
Kids riding bikes

Image: Gallantry Avenue, Aston Craigieburn

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