Peet's approach to families
Did you know that there are over 6 million families in Australia?

And that the make-up of our families has shifted significantly over the past 20 years?

There are now more multi-generational households than ever, boomerang kids are moving back home, the diversity of different ethnicities and cultures is increasing, and people are choosing to have children later in life (or not at all).

Our great nation is home to so many different family types - Peet is continuously looking for new and innovative ways to provide housing and lifestyle options to suit the unique needs and aspirations of each one.

Amongst all of this diversity, however, we’ve learnt there are commonalities amongst what most families seek when moving into a new home or neighbourhood.

By understanding this, we’ve worked with Peet to develop some community principles specific to families moving into Peet communities.

Core themes that we work with Peet to embed in each of their communities are:

Safety and Security

Ensuring families feel safe in their new community is crucial. In Peet communities we provide opportunities for people to meet their neighbours and people living on their streets – working together to reduce crime before it occurs.
Each Peet community has a unique approach to community safety initiatives; starting with building a positive relationship with the local police, Neighbour Days, Meet Your Street Parties, Neighbourhood Watch, E-Watch, and much more.
Safety and security

Partnering with local schools*

Access to quality education is a key driver for families to move into a certain area; often families will have picked the school before buying their new home!
Peet and Creating Communities work closely with local schools to become community hubs - enhancing education and wellbeing outcomes for children and building connections and opportunities for lifelong learning in communities.
In Peet communities there are active P&Cs, walking school buses, school and community projects, school holiday programs, to name a few…
*Not all Peet communities have schools located in the Estate - this is ultimately the responsibility of the Department of Education. Peet are advocates for local schools and have positive relationships with local and neighbouring schools. 

Public Open Space

Peet have been commended on the development of parks and pubic open spaces. Not only are there a number of positive health benefits associated with access to open space and parks, but providing a space for children to play and explore is important.
Research indicates children are playing outside for just over four hours a week – in Peet communities families have access to wide open spaces featuring easy to navigate footpaths, spacious kick-about areas, adventure playgrounds, BBQs and shaded areas suiting a wide range of leisure or recreational needs. 
Peet provide opportunities for residents to have input into the design of their parks, we host have-a-try days in partnership with local sporting clubs, family focused community events, Nature Play parks, adventure parks, etc.
Public open space

Community Connections

As most parents know, having a child means that your world is centred around them!
When families move into a new area, it is often difficult to socialise and meet other families, but in Peet communities there are so many different ways to connect with other people and make life-long friends.
Peet communities have mums and bubs groups, family playdates at local parks, support morning teas with talks from Ngala, plus many others.
While Peet and Creating Communities have a consistent approach, we focus on getting to know each Peet community and responding to their individual needs, character and spirit. We’ve learnt that families get the most out of their communities if they’re well connected with each other, with the environment and resources around them.

We place an emphasis on bringing families together, providing space for them to grow, and linking them in with local services and organisations in a way that suits them.

As the shape of families continues to change, we understand the importance of Peet communities adapting and evolving. We’re excited about preparing our families for the future and are dedicated to ensuring that each one has the support they need to contribute to and enjoy this beautiful and rapidly changing country of ours.
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