How to choose the right builder
Choosing the right builder, one who understands your needs and wants, can make the building process smoother and a more enjoyable experience. In Peet communities around the country, we partner with Australia's leading builders to bring you a diverse collection of the latest home designs. These builders are committed to bringing alive both your dream home.

Visiting our Display Villages and speaking with builders is a great start to the building process and the Master Builders Association also offers recommendations to get you started with these top tips from Denita Wawn - CEO.

Research and Education

As with any large purchase, it’s important to educate yourself on what’s out there before making a decision. There are variations between builders, which can come in the form of inclusions and exclusions, such as floor finishes. There are also experts in particular types of construction, such as building on a slope, or even builders familiar with certain styles and materials to better match your needs.
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Master Builders Association - Tip 1:

It sounds obvious, but as a starting point buyers need to be very clear in their own mind what sort of home they want inside and out. The greater the clarity of their vision (and more detailed their understanding of how they want it realised), the easier they will find it to select an appropriate builder.

Building is not a mystical process, and just like purchasing a car or other product, buyers need to accept responsibility for doing their research (and understanding what it is they actually want, and can afford), in order to make the right choice for themselves.

Choice and Communication

Communication is key. Be up front with what you want and ask questions.

A display home has all the top of the range finishes and fixtures, and can often differ to the basic model, so ask the builder what variations are between models and how that impacts price.

If you plan to customise certain aspects, such as your kitchen or outdoor area, then run these past the builders you are considering. Some of them may vary their costs considerably. Source a range of quotes and then compare them to help to whittle down your list.

Master Builders Association - Tip 2:

The buyers understanding should also be very clear about their budget and how this aligns to their expectations. Just like any other product, you get what you pay for. Buyers should expect good quality at their price point, but not have unrealistic expectations.

Buyers should also consider what sort of experience they want. For example, some buyers may want more involvement with the builder and the building process. Whereas, many clients may want to select a type of home and are happy to take possession upon completion. Problems can arise when buyers do not select a builder compatible with their expectations.

Expectation and Price

When you feel comfortable with one or two builders, have a more detailed discussion about price. Be clear about what your expectations are and ask what unforeseen costs you may have to factor in. One of the biggest barriers cited to building a new home is unexpected costs.

Some typical examples of unexpected costs are:
  • Council consents
  • Driveways
  • Light fittings
  • Fencing
  • Window Coverings
  • Siteworks
Each one of these could add significant costs to a new build if they've not been factored in. And even with all of the variables in today’s building process, the number one reason people choose a builder is still the price!

Question the finer contract points and if there’s something you don’t understand, ask the builder or your legal advisor before you sign. This is the time to raise any concerns. With the peace of mind that being thorough brings, you’ll be more certain who to lock in as your builder of choice.
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Master Builders Association - Tip 3:

The same goes for different price points and styles of homes. Most builders will have more experience building particular types of homes, and it’s important for buyers to factor this in, when selecting their builder.

So just like selecting any other service provider, when selecting a builder, buyers need to be clear and realistic with themselves about the home they want and can afford to build.

Delivery and Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to get insights based on experiences other people have had. Word of mouth, even in our modern digital world, is still key to how many builders get work. Perhaps you also have friends who have gone through a similar process. They may be able to suggest a builder to speak to or flag things you should be aware of.

Look into how long the builder has been in business. It’s a good sign if they’re a seasoned professional. And enquire about qualifications and licenses, and even when they were last renewed or when training within their business was undertaken.

Take a drive around the new communities that the builders you’re considering have current builds in. You can see finished work and also monitor the general progress of builds. Familiarise yourself with the suggested building inspection checklist, from the outset of your negotiations with your builders of preference.

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Master Builders Association - Tip 4:

Buyers often don’t know where to look to find builders they can compare and contrast. That’s why asking if your builder is a Master Builder is a good start. Builders who join Master Builders are interested in quality, self-improvement, and they will be registered builders. The Master Builders Association in your state or territory can help you with the details of appropriate builders for your project.

Once you have a short list of appropriate builders, it’s a good idea to ask for references, and do some research on their previous work.
Our friendly Sales teams can recommend some builders to speak to or visit in our Display Village, but there’s no obligation to choose one of those. However, doing so ensures your builder has a thorough understanding of our design guidelines. This can help hasten approvals, making building processes easier. Contact Peet for more information on the choice of builders within local Peet Communities to build your dream home.
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