9 feng shui tips to make your home flow

The ancient Chinese system of feng shui is said to help bring harmony and a sense of well-being to any home.

Pronounced “fung shway”, practitioners believe everything and everyone has certain energy or “chi” and how we arrange objects can affect all aspects of our lives – from our health and wealth to careers and relationships.

Here are nine (the most auspicious number) feng shui tips to bring a harmony to your home:

Clear the clutter

Chi needs to flow freely and clutter disrupts the flow creating negative energy. Get rid of things that aren’t useful or beautiful and let clean air and light fill your home.

Open your door

Keep the front door clean, opening easily and free from obstacles to invite positive energy in. Place a beautiful artwork, piece of furniture or other object that brings you joy in the entrance. A beautiful garden will also attract positive chi, so leave the door open and set the scene.

Add living air purifiers

Three of the best house plants are lucky bamboo, potted orchids (used in the bedroom to attract an honourable and honest romantic partner), and golden pothos (useful in ‘dead’ corners or above cabinets or shelves to counteract the stagnant energy these spaces collect).

Place your bed carefully

Place the bed headboard against a wall in a ‘command position’ with a clear view to the entrance but never in line with the door. Use a mirror to create a view if you can’t locate your bed facing the door.

If it’s broken, fix it

Things that are broken or don’t work properly are impediments to vitality in the home.

Avoid art as a poison arrow

Hanging art in a straight line creates a ‘poison arrow’ as sharp edges shoot out aggressively and make the space feel uncomfortable. Use a gallery wall to soften the effect and create a natural flow of chi.

Add water

Water represents wealth in feng shui, so place a water element near the entry to your home. The water should flow towards your home, allowing wealth to pour into your life.

Don’t flush luck away

Water or ‘wealth’ leaves the home via the bathroom, so to minimise the loss of chi, keep drains covered, toilet lids down and the bathroom door closed.

Cover the TV

If you have a TV in your bedroom, cover it up when it’s not in use. The active energy of the TV can disrupt calm, quiet energy.

If you’re keen to embrace feng shui, you can map the energy areas (“bagua”) of your home or lot, which are connected to specific areas of your life, then use the five feng shui elements (wood, water, earth, fire and metal) to energise the space and improve harmony and well-being.

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