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Meet the Residents

When you join Golden Bay, you’re entering into a growing community with like-minded residents, just like you! To make the move even easier, you can enjoy a number of FREE community events to help you get to know your new neighbours.   

Find out below why some of our current residents have already made the move to Golden Bay. 

Golden Bay Meet The Coleman's Testimonial

The Coleman Family

"There was something about Golden Bay when we drove in [to the estate]. You could hear the waves crashing, you could smell that fresh air, the saltiness. It's a relaxed family feeling. It's just beautiful."

Golden Bay Meet Cath and Rich Testimonial

Cath and Rich

"On the weekend we like to walk down to the beach, as we live on the beach side of Golden Bay. Our teenage boys like surfing, so they go surfing a lot, and our daughter goes body boarding."

Rhys Mainstone and Jessica Thomas

“I looked at blocks on the coast north of Perth but found the beachside land on the market south of Perth was more interesting, more affordable, and offered a much better outlook for the asset to grow as an investment. Our block is just 800 metres from the water. I can’t wait to go beach fishing, swimming and surfing and with my partner Jessica now pregnant, it will now be a family home for us at Golden Bay.”

Gordon Waycott

“I’ve always wanted a new house and Golden Bay is not too far from the beach. I’m down at the beach at 4:30am each morning and after work."

Styles Family

“Connor has just started playing cricket for the Secret Harbour Dockers Cricket Club and their home ground is on the new oval right across the road.”   

Murphy Family

“Our home is right across the road from the new Golden Bay Primary School, where Ella and Darcy go, and the local playgroup I joined at the beginning of 2014 is just a short walk further. Everything about the estate, the people and the community has told us that this move was the right decision. Sometimes on the weekends we walk across the road to watch the local footy team play."

Colin and Beverley Earnshaw

“We’ve wanted to move to the coast for some time now, Bev and I are gradually setting ourselves up for retirement and what better place to do that than by the beach in Golden Bay.” 

Aaron Ryan

“Golden Bay’s really up-and-coming. There are shops planned and the new school is right across the road. And it’s close to the shops in Warnbro and Port Kennedy. I like hanging out at the beach, walking along the sand and just being near the water. Choosing to buy at Golden Bay was about the lifestyle on offer really!”

Hayley Trayes

“We love this area, and realised we could buy a fantastic 850sqm block in Golden Bay for the same price as a 500sqm block elsewhere. It freed up a lot of money for us to do other things.”

Claudine Murray

“Not only is Golden Bay close to the beach, but it is also conveniently located. Because I work full time, I need my kids to be able to get places by themselves if they need to. There is a bus stop right near our home so the boys can just hop on the bus to get to where they want.”

John Sabin

“I’m a teacher at Comet Bay College. From my back garden, I can see the gym of the school. I’ve never lived this close to my work."

Golden Bay. Where your life makes your day.

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