Newhaven Resident Stories

We chatted to residents to find out why they chose to call Newhaven home.


Antony Nguyen and Michelle Tan

Millennials Antony Nguyen and Michelle Tan are taking the first step into the property market, and moving 44km to make it happen.

Currently renting a house in Chadstone, Antony and Michelle have purchased a block at Newhaven.

“I think Melbourne’s west is growing so starting work in the area will be good – I think it’s going to be like a new start for us in a new area,” Antony explained.

“We want to settle down and we’re thinking of having a family so we decided it was time to buy our own home. After looking at a couple of other estates, we found Newhaven the most appealing,” said Antony. “The train station being so close is a big plus for us.”

Being first home buyers, Antony and Michelle will also be able to make the most of the first home owners grant and stamp duty exemption.

The train station being so close is a big plus for us Anthony Newhaven Resident



IT professional Venkata moved to Australia from India almost 15 years ago for better work opportunities, and after a year in Perth settled in Melbourne’s west.

“I first bought a townhouse in Williams Landing,” explained Venkata. “And I do really like my townhouse but I’m hoping to bring my parents to Australia soon and, as they are older, the stairs aren’t great for them.”

“As I’ve lived in the area for a while and have quite a few friends around here, I wanted to stay in the area for my next house.”

Venkata looked at a number of estates when trying to decide where he should build his next home but it was Peet’s reputation that made him decide on building at Newhaven.

“It was very important for me to buy in an estate that is being developed by a reputable company. Peet’s reputation is very good and their size makes me feel very confident about buying in Newhaven.

“It also helped that a colleague recommended them and, in my opinion, that’s a great reason to go with something – when you know someone who has had a great experience and recommends it.” 

It was very important for me to buy in a community that is being developed by a reputable company Venkata Future Newhaven Resident

Luke Cleave & Emma Ritson

It was his love of travel that led Luke Cleave into a successful career as a travel agent, and to London where he met his wife, Emma!

“I was living in London after having visited for a cricket academy and met Emma at the once iconic Aussie hangout Shepherd’s Bush Walkabout,” Luke explained. “Now we’ve been married for 15 years.”

We both still love to travel, and it’s one of the greatest perks of my job, the travel I get to do. This year I’ve already been to Japan, Hong Kong and the USA for three weeks and we’re off to Tahiti soon.”

“But it’s also always nice to come home, and we’re excited about building our own place, getting a house that’s exactly what we want – and making it our own,” said Luke.

We wanted to upgrade from the townhouse we’re living in to a house, and realised we needed to get in quick as property prices keep rising. Tarneit was affordable and still close to everything we need.”

After looking at other estates in the area, it was Newhaven’s location that really sold the couple.

“I work in the city so being less than two kilometres to the train station and only a 30 minute train ride to Southern Cross is great. There’s also plenty of shops close by, ALDI, Kmart and Coles are all within about half a kilometre.”


There are plenty of shops close by, ALDI, Kmart and Coles are all within about half a kilometre Luke & Emma Newhaven Residents

 Edgardo & Eunice Baking

Aviation protection officer Edgardo and industrial chemist Eunice said at first they looked at established homes to broaden their property portfolio but they were more expensive than building.

“We’ve built three times before, in Wyndham Vale and Tarneit, and had great experiences. Because of this we thought it was worth building again, especially since we would end up with a brand new home which is exactly what potential tenants are after,” Edgardo said.

Any house purchase is a big deal and the Bakings took their time to choose where they would build their investment property.

With a median house price in Tarneit of $471,000 and the annual capital growth of 5.60% Edgardo knew he was on to something with Newhaven.

“We knew we wanted to invest in the Tarneit area because of the market value. The property prices keep getting higher so we know it’s going to be a good investment.

“We chose Newhaven because everything is on your doorstep like the train station, schools and shopping centres - we think potential tenants will really like this about Newhaven.”

But it was the friendly and helpful nature of the Peet sales executive that really sold Edgardo on Newhaven.

“We had a great buying experience. Our sales consultant was such a gentleman and very trustworthy and he was the biggest factor in us buying the land.

“His attitude towards customers is fantastic and he really looked after us.”


The property prices keep getting higher so we know it’s going to be a good investment Adgardo and Eunice Baking Newhaven Residents

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