Building Inspection - Check!

The Process

Posted on 12 May 2017

Dig deep. It’s a phrase used to motivate, request and instruct – and it holds true on all fronts when it comes to home ownership.

When your agent or builder has dug deep to have your home primed and ready for you to move in, that’s when it’s important for you to dig deeper to ensure the building is up to scratch and you don’t get a nasty (and potentially very expensive) surprise down the track.

The best way to find out what lies beneath, around and within is to arrange an inspection.

Whether you choose an architect, building consultant or specialist building advisory inspector to undertake the inspection, check they are licensed and insured (professional indemnity and public liability are musts) and also provide a guarantee with their services.

Once they are engaged, you can agree on the scope of services, which should generally include an inspection of:

  • the interior and exterior of the building for any defects
  • the structure, including the foundations, walls, ceilings, for subsistence, damage, cracks, dampness
  • outbuildings such as garages, carport, garden shed, detached laundry or toilet
  • the plumbing, including water pressure, drainage from the bath and other water outlets, leaks
  • storm water run-off and surface water drainage
  • wiring and electricity switches
  • any gas connections
  • the roof and roof space, gutters, eaves and exposed pipes
  • any under-floor space
  • fences, paths and driveways
  • non-structural retaining walls and steps
  • safety measures, such as operational RCD and smoke alarms
  • any part of the building that overhangs an adjoining property

You may also organise a pest inspection, which is particularly important on established homes. 



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