The Peet Community Way - 20 years of commitment to community engagement

Peet has a proud history of delivering quality land developments for over 120 years. And, for the past 20 years, Peet has worked closely with Creating Communities Australia to ensure our land developments grow into vibrant and sustainable communities.

We understand the foundations required for a strong, positive community, what makes each neighbourhood unique and special, and we continue to refresh our knowledge through vital communications with our residents. We also recognize the importance of partnering with local stakeholders and organisations in a manner that ensures, at the conclusion of Peet's involvement, the community will continue to thrive. 

People are central to every community and Peet strive to build strong community organisations run by skillful and committed residents. The below community engagement programs and partnerships provide just a few examples of how Peet's commitment to community engagement has contributed to the lives of our residents and continues to improve our communities' health and quality of life.

Lakelands Tree Planting Day

The Natural Environment

Peet and its communities take pride in their homes, neighbourhoods and understand the importance of taking care of their surrounding natural environment. 
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the annual Lakelands School Tree Planting Day, students from Mandurah Baptist College celebrated their inner gardener. Students from years 3 to 6 planted 1,500 seedlings that were grown and nurtured by the Year 11 Integrated Science Class students. This event is just one of the many environmental events that our Peet communities are involved with, to keep their neighbourhood clean and ensure they're giving back to nature. 

Wellard - Long Table Dinner

Activating Town Centres

Town Centres are not just a place for retail and civic activities, Peet believe they are important meeting places for an inclusive and welcoming community.
In November 2017, the central streets in The Village at Wellard came alive with an alfresco dinner with a difference! The inaugural Long Table Dinner attracted an excited crowd of diners and hungry locals who enjoyed seven curated courses of food from Wellard Square's great range of eateries. It provided the perfect place for everyone to rediscover the variety of delicious food in the neighbourhood, make new connections and grow the tight knit Village community. 

Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

Peet proactively partners with local businesses, community and environmental groups, sporting clubs, schools and not-for-profits throughout the year. 
A key example is the relationship built with the Rotary Club of Kwinana, who have been pivotal in running the monthly Village Markets within Peet's The Village at Wellard. The community gathers on the second Sunday morning of every month to explore the unique offerings available at a variety of stalls. With local produce, hand-made goods and family entertainment on offer, it's a way for residents to come together and embrace local economy connections.  

Engaging Schools Naidoc

Engaging Schools

The youth are our future and Peet believe schools are not only a place for education and learning, but a catalyst for greater community connection.  
As part of the 2017 NAIDOC Week celebrations at Lakelands Private Estate, over 400 junior students joined in a very special cultural exchange run by Noongar local and WAMI award-winner George Walley. During the day the students learnt about the local Mandjoogoordap region through Noongar language and song, to build their cultural awareness about the history of their home. 

Golden Bay Wellness Survey

Community Understanding

Peet stay engaged with community residents, discover their aspirations and learn about local trends through ongoing community audits and Wellness Surveys. 
These Wellness Surveys have been designed to evaluate the success of past community events, in addition to learning about our residents, their community pride and motivations. These discoveries then lead to areas of improvement with future community engagement and neighbourhood initiatives to ensure we're always growing and working closely with our community members.

Day in the Bay Event

Connecting Together

In Peet communities, we create fun and active way to connect with your neighbours and make new friends in your community. 
One of our many community events was 'A Day in the Bay', held in August 2017 at Golden Bay Estate. Created to specifically engage local youth aged 10 years and over, the event encouraged families to engage in unique craft activities such as spray painting workshops making tie-dye t-shirts, as well as bike maintenance checks. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with this youth-focused event becoming an annual event in our calendar. 

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