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Welcome to The Movida Life...

Take steps towards life at Movida, and you’ll be on your way to an urban lifestyle without the headaches of inner-city living. 


The Family Life

Whether you are planning to have children, already have a young family, or your children are growing up, life at Movida has everything you need close by to ensure the best for your growing family. 

With a large range of childcare, schools, retail and service providers, healthcare facilities and entertainment options within close reach, you'll never have to travel far from your life at Movida Estate.
As for shopping, Midland Gate Shopping Centre and Stratton Park Shopping Centre are both within five minutes of home. With both boasting a range of specialty stores, you’ll never be short of bread, milk or takeaway options.

The Social Life

Midland's rich history and recent revitalisation has secured the town centre as a thriving retail and commercial hub, delivering an array of lifestyle options to suit all tastes.

Whether it's the arts, community fun days, picnics, barbeques, or events, the social butterfly in you won't have to travel far to be entertained!


The Outdoors Life

Movida's unique location, at the gateway to the Perth Hills and Swan Valley Region, is surrounded by picturesque parks and river banks. 

From John Forrest National Park, to Woodbridge Riverside Park and Play Space, to the Swan Valley region and all that it offers, natures best is right on your doorstep. 

Meet Movida's Newest Residents

Martin and Caroline Logan

Martin and Caroline were ready to downsize and chose Movida Estate because of the variety of block sizes on offer. They love having the Swan Valley on their doorstep, as well as plenty of amenities nearby.
"We feel like we are part of a community which we really love. We are very happy."
Watch their testimonial video here.

Dekota and Alisha

Find out why Alisha, Dekota and their daughter Kiah enjoy living at Movida Estate.
"Our daughter is very active so we love being close to parks and being able to go for a walk whenever we like."
Watch the video HERE

Natasha Rankin and Martin Nicholls

“We didn’t want to wake up when we were 40 and realise we hadn’t got around to buying our own home,” said Martin.

“You think about owning a property your whole life,” adds Natasha.  “It’s always your goal – to own your own home – and there are so many inclusions now. It’s easy these days!”

“We’re currently renting in Midland and I own a food and drink delivery business locally so we know this area – and you always want to feel comfortable in the area you live,” explained Martin

Watch their testimonial video HERE

Joshua Cooke and Tayla Hall

An exciting new chapter in the lives of Joshua Cooke and partner Tayla Hall is set to start at Movida later this year with the young couple moving from their parents’ houses in Helena Valley and Balga into their first home together.

“Being independent, having my own place, moving forward, and making a good investment in the future,” is what Joshua is most looking forward to. He will be 25 and Tayla will be 21 by the time Easystart Homes hand over the keys to the house.

Being based at Midland in his job as a sheet fabrication worker, and also living nearby with his family, meant Joshua already had his eye on Movida long before signing up to buy a block of the land in the new community.

“There is a lot of development happening in the Midland area and so I believe it is a good place to be in terms of investment,” said Joshua.

“As the city grows, people are having to move further and further out. We wanted to be somewhere which was still close in and near all the major amenities, so the location was also an attraction.”

Joshua said another factor was being close to his local hockey club. He’s been playing the game since he was five and wanted to continue with his same team mates in the sport.

Nadene Lewis

Movida in Midvale is a very long way from the Caribbean islands nation of St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

But for Nadene Lewis it will become home, some five years after a stopover in Perth on the way to New Zealand led to an unplanned change to her life and the pending start of a new chapter, at Movida.

“I loved the weather here and there seemed to be lots of opportunities for young people,” said Nadene.


“I was attracted by the size of the blocks and the price, so I got in quickly to give myself time to save for a deposit on the house,” Nadene said.

Jayde Turner

Jayde Turner and Ben Ranger

Jayde Turner and partner Ben Ranger had no trouble choosing to build their first home at Movida. Already renting and living nearby in Stratton, they found a deal with Aussie Living Homes and leapt at the chance to move to Movida.

“We were already very familiar with the area as we take our dog for walks through there all the time, it’s really nice,” said Jayde.

Jayde and Ben’s son 12-year-old Kaen attends the nearby Swan View High School and six-year-old Owen is close by at Clayton View Primary school, so their new home will put them even closer to both schools.

Kaen plays basketball with the local PCYC team and his younger brother loves his bike and says he wants to be a motocross rider when he gets older.

“There are good footpaths and cycle ways in the estate and we let our boys ride their bikes through there too.”

Moving to Movida along with the family will be their German Shepherd, ‘Bear’ and their two girls – cats ‘Koko’ and ‘Bella’!

Justin and Amanda McKay

For Justin and Amada McKay their new home at Peet Limited’s Movida Estate represents the first big step into city life.

While the broadacre farmers will keep and continue to run their 2000 acre property at Goomalling, the couple is looking forward to having a new Perth base. 

“We really like Movida and the fact that you can get out of the place – away from the city – without getting stuck in or having to deal with heavy traffic. You are not hemmed in.

Mary Ann and Ronel Gannaban

Mary Ann works as a carer in Mundaring and her husband is employed at the abattoir in Wooroloo, so a central location with good access to their respective workplaces was important. They had identified the general area and started house hunting.

“From Movida, it’s about a 15 minutes’ drive to my work and some 25 minutes to Ronel’s work”

“It’s a very good location and this will be our first house, so we will be very excited to move in. We’re especially excited for the parks.”

William Cook and fiancé Renee Morrison

“We currently live in Lesmurdie and wanted to be closer to the city and all the shops and amenities, but we still wanted to be within easy reach of the Hills because my fiancé’s family lives there too,” he said.

“We were looking for an established unit in Midland but when we spoke to a builder and found we could get a new house with exactly what we wanted for only $20,000 more at Movida, it was the perfect solution.”

Being close to Perth Airport was also important in selecting a block, as William works as a blaster in the Pilbara and flies to and from an iron ore mine site every few weeks.

“We really like all the parks and open spaces at Movida. It will be great for us to go for rides together on our bikes, which we really enjoy,” William said.

Daniel Koti, his wife Marjorie Kachenjela and children Daniel Junior and Christian.

Nearly four years after arriving in Australia from their Zambian birthplace, Daniel Koti and his wife Marjorie Kachenjela are excited about building their first home at Movida.

“We wanted to find a new location which is close to all the amenities, particularly Midland which is very established and has everything,” Daniel said.

“It’s also about 30 minutes to the City, which is good for us too.”

Chelsea Bramich

University student and youth worker Chelsea Bramich signed up for a house and land package at Movida as the Homebuyer Centre’s new two-storey Alto design provided “spacious” rooms in a contemporary architecture style but on a smaller, low maintenance block.

She was attracted to Peet’s Movida estate as it provided the opportunity for stylish affordable living close to her family in Forrestfield.

Chelsea said from Movida she will have easy commutes to her work in the city, or to Edith Cowan University’s Joondalup campus where she is studying psychology.

She is hoping to move from her current rental property in Morley to her first new-build home at Movida with her chihuahua-Pomeranian cross ‘Prince’, by the end of 2018.

Amanda and Pete

After shopping around to find the perfect block, Amanda and Pete were worried as they didn’t like the ‘feel’ of any of the estates they had originally looked at.

“We were ready to give it all away. But everything happens for a reason and it was one of those times when everything just came together perfectly, at Movida,” Amanda said.

“We wanted a location between the City and the Hills. It also needed to be centrally located so I could get to places north or south when I move around with my job, which will happen in the next few years.”

“Being located on Roe Highway means we will have a high-speed major traffic link right there and will be able to easily get anywhere we want in Perth,” explained Amanda.



Well I guess I'm building a house


Home at Movida

Going up!

#blueprinthomes #movidalife #firsthome


This was Kaen riding 6 years ago on the land that was originally Farrall Rd's muddy bush land. Funny thing is this spot right here where the paj is in the background is roughly where our block is.

#movidaestate #perthhills #buildingourfirsthome #memories #letslookbackayr #howthingschange #familylife #movidalife

appix Movida

Checking out the workmanship with Poppy. Passed with flying colours.

#itsdales #movidalife

appix Movida

So close to the end. Only seven days until our prehandover meeting.

#itsdales #movidalife


This arvo i got to spend time with just my hubby testing out my drone at our block 😍

#movidaestate #movidalife #peetcommunities #buildingourfirsthome #perthlife #perthhills #westernaustralia #firsthomebuyers #happiness #thisisthelifeilove


Finished our day walking around display homes at Movida getting some ideas for prestart

#buildingourfirsthome #nova937 #movida #prestartideas #displayhomes #movidalfie


Yay!! Finally getting to put the sold sticker on our block.

#peetcomplete #movidalife #movidaestate #perthhills #sold #happiness


Movida Estate Entry Signage

#movidaestate #AILA #landscapearchitect #Idtotal

Jeff Davidson Start Right Homes

Herding the (cool) cats. Start Right Homes team after a great familiarisation of Movida Estate, Midvale by Deanne Charles.



Just admiring the jacaranda trees

#movidalife #jacaranda #tree #suburbia #midlandlife #cityofswan #doberman #dobermanpinscher #dobermanpride #dobermanlove 


Ours at last.

#movidalife #movidaestatelife

cat wheelbarrow

Sherlock's new sidekick was becoming a burden.

#movidalife #catoftheday #cats #catsofinstagram #cat #garden #tortoiseshell #wheelbarrow #ride #mulch #stratton

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