Terms and conditions

The Peet Landscaping Package Promotion at Newhaven

1. The purchaser acknowledges and agrees that they will not have any entitlement to any type of solar panel package.
2. The Vendor agrees that it will provide landscaping to the front of the Property, which will include site preparation, in gravel base, advanced tree, tube stock trees, shrubs and groundcovers, turf, a consultation with a landscape designer, labour and machinery hire to a maximum retail value of $3,500 as determined in accordance with this Special Condition ('Landscape Works').
3. The parties agree that before the Vendor is required to commence any Landscape Works, the Purchaser must:
a. Complete the construction of its dwelling on the Property in full compliance with all applicable Restrictions and this Contract;
b. lodge an application to the Vendor confirming compliance with the above point (3a) with a copy of the occupancy permit within 12 months of the Settlement Date;
c. remove all rubbish, rubble and vegetation within the area to be landscaped;
d. provide a level grade with a maximum differential of 300 millimetres;
e. complete construction of side boundary fencing, driveway and any paved areas to the Property;
f. provide a clear path free of obstructions to access the area to be landscaped; and
g. provide a conduit underneath the driveway for irrigation as required for any future irrigation systems.
4. If the Purchaser fails to satisfy any of its obligations under this Special Condition, then the Purchaser is not entitled to, and the Vendor is no longer required to provide the Landscape Works.
5. The Vendor will determine the plans and specifications for, and complete the Landscape Works in the following manner:
a. after the Vendor has approved the Purchaser's proposed plans and specifications in accordance with this Contract, the Vendor will engage a landscape architect to design the Landscape Works and provide a proposed plan to the Purchaser;
b. the Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that the Vendor retains absolute discretion if any requests by the Purchaser cannot be incorporated, including but not limited to the appointment of contractors to perform, the selection of materials for use in, and location of, Landscape Works;
c. the Vendor must commence the actual Landscape Works within 6 months of the Purchaser complying with point 3b above;
d. the Purchaser consents to the Vendor engaging contractor/s to complete the works; and
e. the Purchaser grants to the Vendor and its contractors, employees, agents and consultants a licence to enter upon and occupy such parts of the Property as are necessary.
f. The Purchaser acknowledges that the Landscape Works will not include driveway construction, fencing, letterbox, paving, outdoor lighting or any form of maintenance after completion.
6. After completion of the Landscape Works, the Purchaser:
a. is wholly responsible for any irrigation, watering and maintenance requirements; and
b. must not make any claim for compensation or any other claim in respect of the Landscape Works.
7. Peet collects personal information in order to conduct the Promotion, to assist in providing the products or services an individual has requested (if any), and to improve its products and services. Peet may use the information for promotional, marketing, publicity, research and profiling purposes, and may be in touch by any means (including telephone, email or SMS) at any time to let an individual know about products, services or promotional activities which may be of interest until the individual informs Peet otherwise.
8. Peet may also share individuals information with other persons or entities who assist it in providing its products or services or running competitions or trade promotions. Peet may also disclose personal information to third parties as required by Australian regulatory authorities.
9. Peet is bound by the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and by participating in the Promotion, each individual is taken to consent to Peet's privacy policy. To view Peet's privacy policy please visit Participants should direct any request to access, update or correct personal information to Peet.

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