EnviroDevelopment Accreditation and Sustainability

Sustainability lies at the heart of Aston thanks to Peet’s dedication to environmentally friendly design initiatives. Some of which include:
  • Aston's recycled water system is designed to help every home play its part in conserving Melbourne's precious water resources
  • Aston is home to 20 hectares of wetlands, parks and open space, including four playgrounds and over two kilometres of walking and bike paths
  • Two native vegetation reserves including 100+ year old River Red Gums have been integrated into the design of the Burt-kur-min reserve and active open space
  • NBN has been delivered to all homes at Aston
Aston was one of the first developments in Melbourne to be certified by the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s national EnviroDevelopment program for its commitment to the preservation of water, ecosystems and community.
For more information visit the EnviroDevelopment website.

Sustainability Certification Achieved


"Peet have established a dedicated community garden within the development which allows residents to work together to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs in raised timber plant boxes. This garden helps foster a sense of environmental stewardship and provides an opportunity for neighbours to meet." - EnviroDevelopment


"The development incorporates a linear wetland treatment train in an open space corridor, which plays a role in improving water quality and providing habitat for the vulnerable Growling Grass Frog." - EnviroDevelopment


"Irrigation for the garden is provided from rainwater tanks, and any ongoing irrigation through the remainder of the estate will be sourced from recycled water or a farm dam. The estate has been constructed with the provision of a purple pipe network for future connection to recycled water." - EnviroDevelopment

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