Bring your dream home to life with Bailey Studio

Bring your dream home to life with Bailey Studio

Building a new home is an exciting time, but can involve a lot of choices to truly make it your dream home. But, how do you style your new home?

We’ve partnered with interior designers Bailey Studio to help you navigate through the process and bring your dream to life.


By Kirstin Bailey, Creative Director at Bailey Studio

So you have just built your new home, and now you're wondering how to make it yours. What is your interior style? How do you choose? How do you go about navigating the wide range of information available to identify your own home style?

With such a wide range of inspiration available online, it can be very confusing knowing how to pick a style, and make it your own.

We have created six interior style mood-boards explaining the different styles to assist you in finding your own ‘style type’. It’s important to note that you may find that your style is a mix of two or three, and that’s fine! It’s actually pretty common.

Using the images as a guide, have a read, see what you most like, and then develop mood-boards of your own to get you started. A great way to do this is through Pinterest! This is a great process to help you to formulate your design personality and very quickly you will start to see common style themes emerge. You might notice this in your selection of furniture, colour or in images for example.

Good luck! 


The Minimalist – Owners of this style like to reduce product in a room to achieve ‘less is more’. These are individuals who appreciate space with smaller amounts of product in order to achieve a simple refined result. If you warm to this style you are likely to enjoy the basic form of pieces, will consider shape in making your choices, and review how all furniture items work ‘as one’ in the space. It’s this that you look for in making your own decisions.

Your preferred colour palette is likely to be subdued; and minimal changes in texture and tone. Whites and neutrals are preferred colours and larger wall surfaces paired with hushed natural tones.  Joinery design and inclusions are a priority, fittings (drawer pulls, handles etc.) as is the need to reduce clutter. The ‘fuss’ is kept to a minimum. ’Clean’ surfaces are features of this style, everything has a place. Needless to say, a minimalist is generally highly organised, efficient, and considers ‘less is more’ in every design decision in order to create a space that can ‘breathe’.


Whether just by chance, it is likely you have heard of Scandinavian Style. This style is easily identifiable by its combination of white walls, timber floors, selection of textured finishes, and simple furniture design. With an elegantly simple aesthetic, Scandinavian style offers the owners casual comfort, paying attention to simple layouts and the organic detail of product. Owners of this style are practical yet design conscious.

Spaces are considered; storage concepts offer practical benefits and double as a way of showcasing carefully selected objects and collectables. A neutral-heavy colour palette includes extensive use of whites and greys in paint finishes, furniture and decor, with secondary accents in charcoal, black, and blue. Soft oak tones are favourites of this style balanced with the inclusion of green though living décor.

Contemporary Coastal

Emerging as a newer, popular style possibly due to its connection with the sea, holiday and relaxation. Contemporary Coastal style provides a new direction and a departure from the popular Hamptons trend. It includes the best from its cousins - Nautical and Beach interiors.  Followers of this style enjoy the approach to spaces; contrasting light interiors, clean lines, natural materials, and textures.

Furniture selections are largely casual and include distressed or painted timber pieces, oversized sofas and armchairs, occasional furniture in marble, and/or leather with decorative elements in natural weaves and organic materials. Finishes include natural timber floors, with colour selected on a base of neutrals with gradual shifts in ocean hues - washed out blues, deep navy, and teal.

Contemporary Urban

Contemporary style is design based on the ‘here and now’, ’of the moment’ and is not particularly attached to a particular theme. As a follower of this style you will remain fairly open in your choices and will borrow ideas from elements of other styles. A key characteristic of this style is the use of ‘line’, be it curved, vertical or horizontal, shown in architectural detail, furniture pieces, and joinery concepts. Colour palettes are simple (blacks, whites, tans, greys, charcoal) and can include bold colour blocking, Furniture pieces combine in mixed forms; with an emphasis on functionality and simplicity.


Nothing in traditional style is simple; on the contrary, everything in traditional style is predictable. We can all recall a traditional interior we have loved and is one of the many reasons this style is perfect for those with an appreciation of the past. Interior spaces where timeless beauty is respected, for those that enjoy consistency in furniture selections, matching pieces in classic lines, soft rolling edges, and understated detail. Signature rich, dark colours in upholstery and flooring are balanced with neutral wall surfaces. Red, brown and green are popular colour selections, patterns in florals and paisleys are characteristic, as are patterns and stripes. Hardwood floors in dark tones are prominent finishes, fixtures and fittings are ornate, and include mouldings, columns and wood panelling.

Rustic Industrial

 Inspired by aged factories, barns and warehouses, rustic industrial combines practical style with classic simplicity and character finishes. Followers have a liking for vintage, possibly are collectors and enjoy salvaged objects. Interior finishes including weathered timber surfaces; concrete elements, metal and aged leather combine to create a palette that is contrasting yet loaded with irresistible charm.  Furniture pieces are a collection of reclaimed and new, repurposing is common, ladders to shelves, lockers as storage, vintage flags as wall art, the list is endless.

The challenge in achieving this style is the just right balance between practicality, character and warmth. Achieve success and the result is a layered interior style filled with personality.

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