Flagstone Community

Peet is committed to creating sustainable communities within its developments around Australia. 
Over its long history, Peet has supported projects that focus on environmental sustainability, family and community-based activities, educational opportunities, youth development, health, wellbeing, sport and the arts.

Flagstone’s Community Engagement, Development and Activation Plan ( CEDA) sets our strategic roadmap for creating, establishing and supporting a sustainable Flagstone community and providing the following benefits to residents:
  • More services, activities, facilities and programs
  • A greater sense of belonging
  • Opportunities to meet neighbours and form social connections
  • To feel valued
  • More involvement in civic life
  • Increased community capacity and sustainability, where some programs become community led and run
  • Improved community governance structures
  • Enhanced reputation of Flagstone
  • Improvements to health and wellbeing
CEDA initiatives are partially funded through a Community Development Levy that sets community program funding targets based on lot sales. This means that as more people live in Flagstone, our CEDA program expands as well.

Flagstone’s community initiatives include:
  • Delivery of events, programs, partnerships and spaces to facilitate sustainable, community-owned and led outcomes, guided by community engagement and feedback
  •  A sponsorship program provides local, motivated local groups a kick-start, or well-deserved encouragement for their great work. We prioritise community-led initiatives that are locally inspired and deliver long-term outcomes and support to local environmental sustainability, families, health and wellbeing, culture, the arts, education and sport.
  • Working in partnership with local community groups including Flagstone Community Association, local organisations, schools and Logan City Council to maximize outcomes through our shared resources
  • Supporting strong community governance and recognize its essential role to long term outcomes, and encourage the establishment of groups that add more support and benefit to Flagstone
  • Working toward delivery of an innovative Community Hub, with a range of local partners which will become a catalyst community space that grows according to need and becomes a focus for even more community infrastructure, facilities, activities, events and social connection in the future
Peet works with Plan C, a community planning and development company to establish and deliver Flagstone’s CEDA program. Jim Gleeson is leading the project for Plan C.
Jim has been working with many existing residents and groups in Flagstone over the past few years to understand needs and deliver outcomes. He is an awarded community planner who has supported diverse communities around Australia to achieve their aspirations over the past 20 years. He will be working hard top-down and bottom-up with the Peet team and the community to deliver for Flagstone, and looks forward to meeting new residents and hearing your ideas. Contact Jim on Mobile 0422794072 or 

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