Welcoming Community

At Lightsview, one of our core values is ‘creating community’. We want to make sure that as the population in Lightsview grows, so does the sense of belonging to something unique and special – something that is celebrated by the community and within the community in many years to come.

All new residents are invited to be a part of our New Resident Welcome program. This program is designed to welcome you to Lightsview and to help you settle into your lifestyle quickly and easily. With Resident Welcome nights and other events being put on throughout the calendar year, there are plenty of opportunities to get to know people within Lightsview.

Every new purchaser is given a “You’ve Arrived” Welcome Booklet which gives a great overview of the Lightsview development – starting with the overall development vision, an outline of the approval and building process and key contacts in the Lightsview Project Team, who will be there to help guide purchasers and future residents through the process to moving into their new home.

We also recognise that moving can often be a stressful – and for that reason, we have the ‘Lightsview Moving Pack’ – filled to the brim with all the information you need at the tip of your fingers when you are in the middle of moving, helping make your transition into Lightsview as seamless as possible.

Soon after Lightsview becoming your new home, each resident will receive an “Lightsview Information Pack” – which provides :

- Key information about main facilities and amenities within the local area;
- Key dates throughout the year to take note of, such as; rates, waste collection, pet registration;
- Information about public transport services to nearby schools, waste and recycling
- Important dates throughout the year in the Community Events calendar; and
- Vouchers to use within your local community !!

With the population of Lightsview growing so fast we encourage everyone to become part of the community by attending events and providing input into what kind of things you would like to see more of in the coming year. Subscribe to future updates by registering your details below. 

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