10 questions to ask your potential Conveyancer
Building a team of experts around you during your First Home Buying journey is extremely important. 

From trusted land and building professionals, to mortgage brokers and legal experts - there are many people out there who can guide and advise you. 

Engaging a legal expert to guide you through the process will give you confidence that you fully understand all the fine details of this important step. 

So, who can give you this legal advice? 

Conveyancers, sometimes referred to as Settlement Agents are specialist legal professionals who guide you through the purchasing process. As the person who represents you and acts on your behalf during this process, you’ll want to be 100% sure you’ve picked the right person.  

To help you in your search, Peet has pulled together a list of questions that can help you get a clearer picture of their suitability.

1. Do you specialise in particular property types?

It’s important to check whether a Conveyancer is familiar with the type of property you are looking to purchase.

2. Are you a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers?

The AIC is the body that represents Conveyancers in Australia. Working with an AIC member can give you the confidence that your expert is being backed by a national organisation.

3. Are you really busy at the moment?

This may give you a good gauge as to how attentive your Conveyancer will be. If they have an extremely full client list, they may be difficult to contact and not as responsive. 

4. What are your fees and when do I need to pay them?

As with every stage of your first home buying journey, it’s important to understand all of the costs involved.

5. What are your qualifications? 

Conveyancers are required to complete a tertiary-level course in property law, so it’s important to check this qualification has been obtained.

6. How long have you been a Conveyancer?

A good deal of experience is important when looking for a Conveyancer for your first home – you’ve never been here before, you need them to be the expert.

7. Do you have insurance protection?

Conveyancers should have indemnity insurance. This protects against any claims that may arise during the conveyancing process.

8. Do you ever act as the Conveyancer for both the buyer and the seller? 

In Australia, although it is legal for the seller and buyer to use the same Conveyancer, it’s not advised. As a buyer you want to make sure you are getting independent advice.

9. Do you have any references from first home buyers you have worked with in the past? 

Perhaps the most valuable nod for a Conveyancer can come from happy home owners who have used their services before you.  

10. And finally, do you actually like them? 

It might seem a little simple, but clicking with your expert team is important. You’ll be working closely with them over the coming months and in the case of your Conveyancer, you’ll be putting your largest purchase in their trusted hands. 
All content within 'Peet's Advice Blog' (Blog) is for information purposes only. While Peet endeavours to ensure all information is current and correct, Peet makes no representation or warranty as to its currency or accuracy. It is recommended that you obtain your own independent advice before taking any action following reading any of the contents of the Blog. Please read the full disclaimer here.



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